Crimxon Guillermo, College of Engineering, University of Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, 5th year

Michael Seng, College of Engineering, University of Georgia, Computer Engineering, 4th year

BrainTwin’s goal is to allow for collaborative communication between two parties that might not have the same information. Our website utilizes ChatGPT to compare answers of two different entrants to see whether or not the information similar or different. Based upon strictness and subject matter that the entrants choose, the amount of information that the entrants learn from each other will change. Overall, the mission of BrainTwins is for people to utilize our website to compare information while not revealing an overabundance of it. In terms of UGA community usage, BrainTwins is a great way to allow for cultivating collaboration and cooperation skills while adhering to the academic dishonesty policy through BrainTwin’s ability to limit the amount of information given to each party.

Though not the only function, BrainTwins allows for students compare answers based on school-related subjects. The school-related subjects are broken down into history, math, science, and language arts. Each of these categories allows for students to compare their answers for homework or compare ideas on papers without leading to a potential breach of information that could lead to the academic dishonesty policy being infringed upon. BrainTwins also allows for less educational focused topics to be explored as well. The extra subject matters include media and criteria-based knowledge. The media subject allows entrants to prevent the ever-present problem in modern media of spoilers. With the media subject, entrants can input where they are in a movie to see if either person would have potentially plot spoiling information. The criteria subject takes a different approach than the more personal media subject, in that the criteria subject is meant for more critical business functions. The criteria subject is aimed to allow for use in the business world where there are times when information can be sensitive or not readily available to communicating parties. For example, the criteria subject could be used for the application process. It could be used to allow the applicant to input their project information without sharing the details that could potentially be a breach of contract. On the other end, the employer can use BrainTwins to see whether or not the applicant is qualified without being given too much information that could lead to a potential breach in contract.

Overall, BrainTwins started as a way to prevent our team from spoiling each other when we are talking about T.V. shows and movies, but it has evolved to allow for safe collaboration and cooperation in the school-related subject space and it has the potential to allow for more streamlined business practices.