Poem on World Peace

the words world peace in multiple colors across the screen

Abhijit Sarmah, Franklin College, Department of English, PhD in English with a Creative Writing, 2nd year

I asked ChatGPT to write a poem on world peace since I am a poet and wanted to see what kind of poem AI could write. The poem emphasized peace, harmony, and brotherhood.

Poem: “World Peace”

In the quiet corners of the Earth,
Where shadows fade and hope takes birth,
A whispered dream, a yearning plea,
A timeless call for harmony.

Amidst the chaos, a plea for peace,
A melody that shall never cease,
Beneath the sun, beneath the moon,
A world united, in sweet attune.

Let oceans echo tranquil tides,
Where unity in each wave abides,
Mountains standing tall and grand,
A symbol of peace, across the land.

In fields where flowers gently sway,
A dance of colors, a bright display,
No borders drawn, no fences high,
A world where love and understanding lie.

Through city streets and rural lanes,
Let kindness reign, release the chains,
Embrace the differences, find common ground,
In every heart, let compassion be found.

The children dream of skies so clear,
Where laughter drowns the sound of fear,
Their innocence, a guiding light,
Illuminating the darkest night.

The elders yearn for days of yore,
When swords were sheathed, and wars no more,
A legacy of wisdom to impart,
To heal the wounds of every heart.

In every language, let there be a song,
A symphony where all belong,
Hand in hand, a global dance,
A celebration of life’s sweet chance.

Oh, world of ours, with open eyes,
See past the veils of false goodbyes,
Embrace the dream that never dies,
A world at peace, under the skies.